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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Baltic Breakfast webinars

Baltic Breakfast is a series of short breakfast webinars organised by the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. They present the latest knowledge about issues of central importance to the Baltic Sea environment. The webinars are addressed to people in different sectors working for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region and everyone interested in environmental issues of the Baltic Sea. During the Baltic Sea Day, we will discuss in what ways the Baltic Sea can affect climate change.

The coastal zones are among the most effective areas on Earth at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Treated right, these ecosystems are important cornerstones in climate change mitigation, but if degraded, they instead release large amounts of greenhouse gases, re-enforcing global warming. Worldwide, coastal ecosystems bring an enormous value in ecosystem services. However, when they disappear, are degraded, or converted to other uses, their carbon sink capacity is lost.

What is the situation for these ecosystems in the Baltic Sea? Are they threatened? Can they be restored? And can blue carbon play a role in climate mitigation and is it implemented in policies?

Welcome to join us in this webinar and discussion together with experts from Stockholm University and University of Helsinki! You can see the live stream and more information about the event on Baltic Sea Centre’s webpage.

08:30 - 09:15
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
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