Webinar: Blue Economy and the Marine Ecosystem | Baltic Sea Day
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The Finnish Institute in Stockholm

Webinar: Blue Economy and the Marine Ecosystem

You surely have heard a lot about green economy, but how about a blue one? Blue economy involves industries that in some way use the sea. Among those are tourism, fishing, and transport – some of the most important for both Sweden and Finland. In the long run, these industries are dependent on the sea’s wellbeing. Therefore, it is also in their best interest to minimise the negative impact. How could that be achieved?

To protect the Baltic Sea is a common duty for all the surrounding countries, Sweden and Finland included. For instance, regarding the Gulf of Bothnia it is central to minimise nutrition waste in runoff areas. In its turn, the energy debate puts increasingly more faith in offshore wind powerplants. Is it a long-term solution? And how does it look like in EU? These and many other highly relevant questions are considered in our webinar that is available on the Finnish Institute’s YouTube channel.

Previously Miljöpartiet’s (Green Party of Sweden) spokesperson and current CEO of Miltton Europe, Maria Wetterstrand interviews professor Kari Hyytiäinen of HELSUS, sustainability studies unit at the University of Helsinki. See the webinar in this link.

12:00 - 12:40
The Finnish Institute in Stockholm
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