Baltic Sea Day 27.8.2020

On Baltic Sea Day, our thoughts turn to this unique and vulnerable sea

The John Nurminen Foundation launched a new tradition on 29 August 2019 by dedicating the last Thursday of August to the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea deserves its own day in the calendar, since it is the sea closest to our hearts, our national treasure and bridge to the world. The goal of Baltic Sea Day is to both promote concrete measures to improve the state of the Baltic Sea as well as draw attention to its unique and rich cultural heritage. It is important that we raise awareness of the Baltic Sea and its history, as this helps us appreciate its uniqueness and the need for its conservation.

The goal is to build hope: The Baltic Sea can be a model example and a test laboratory for new solutions for the whole world. The day celebrates biodiversity of the sea and its importance to the people living beside the Baltic Sea.

Future Baltic Sea Days will feature events and education. The day will be celebrated all over Finland and we want to invite other countries that share a coastline with the sea to join in. The essentially  the future Baltic Sea Days will be made together. We invite cities, schools, cultural actors, businesses, organizations, foundations and medias to join in. The Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated on August 27th in 2020.

Let’s work together to make the Baltic Sea Day an annual theme day that inspires actions and ideas!