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Baltic Sea Moment

Enjoy a Baltic Sea Moment with stories of the sea! Visit a marine-themed exhibition, for example, read Baltic Sea fiction, or listen to the story of the Tiny Roach with the tinier family members.  Baltic Sea Moments are dedicated to the unique culture of our home sea, and getting to know its unparalleled nature. You can enjoy a Baltic Sea Moment at any time during the Baltic Sea Day.

Share your moment with others with the hashtag #balticseaday.

Exhibitions, theatre, and reading tips

On Baltic Sea Day museums, theatres and other stakeholders organise interesting Baltic Sea-themed exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and presentations. Libraries will highlight the Baltic Sea Day with e.g. book exhibitions, reading suggestions, poetry and reading challenges, story hours, arts and crafts, and colouring activities.

You can enjoy a Baltic Sea Moment even on your couch at home, or as a shared activity during a break at work. Grab a sea-themed book, or invite all your colleagues and enjoy a Baltic Sea-themed movie.

We invite libraries, museums, and all players in the field of culture to join in

We encourage museums, theatres and other cultural entities to participate in the Baltic Sea Moment by organising Baltic Sea themed exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and presentations, aimed at the general public.

On Baltic Sea Day, libraries can put together an exhibition or a book nook of sea-themed books, for example, and museums can organise a Baltic Sea themed workshop or installation.

Baltic Sea Moments for children

The Baltic Sea Day provides a Baltic Sea-themed story, featuring activities for children, for day care centres, schools, and homes. You can read or listen to the story here:

Share the colouring picture and comic strip on social media for others to enjoy, using the hashtag #balticseaday.

Tips for using the fairy tale on Baltic Sea Day:

  • Read or play the story at the story time hour of a day care centre, and hand out the colouring image to work on as they listen!
  • Introduce the Baltic Sea theme to school children by playing the story in morning assembly, in class, or on central radio.  Afterwards, children can come up with their own texts for the comic strip, and you can discuss the message of the story together.
  • Listen to the story together with the child at home.
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