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The Plunge

On Baltic Sea Day, we all take the plunge at 6 p.m.! Publish a picture of your plunge using the hashtag #balticseaday – let’s make The Plunge go viral!

Get your crowd together and take the plunge in the waters close by! Challenge your co-workers, your sports club, or friends who share your hobby to take the Crowd Plunge, where you all jump to the water at 6 p.m. If that sounds a bit too exciting, you can just dip your toe, pinkie finger, or the tip of your pony tail. You can participate by any lake, river, pond or sea shore. Remember to share your amazing plunges in social media using the hashtag #balticseaday.

Take care not to enter the water all on your own: when plunging, it is best to always have a plunging partner or a friend close by, looking after you!