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Baltic Sea Day is only a week away!

Baltic Sea Day partner newsletter 4/2022

Dear Baltic Sea Day partner!

Baltic Sea Day is less than a week away and a huge number of events and activities have already been announced on the Baltic Sea Day website. Thanks to everyone who is already involved! If your own activity or event has yet to be registered – no worries. There’s still time to join! We hope that you will send the information no later than Monday, August 22, so that we can publish it in time.

If changes need to be made to the information of events and activities that have already been published, you can notify us by sending an email to info@jnfoundation.fi. We will update the information on the website as soon as possible.

Join our Baltic Sea Day event in Helsinki!

This year the traditional opening ceremony of the Baltic Sea Day will be organized in Huvilanranta, in cooperation with the Helsinki Festival. In addition to the opening ceremony itself, we have organized free maritime program until 6 PM.

This year, the theme of the opening ceremony and other program organized by the John Nurminen Foundation is the Baltic Sea identity. The Baltic Sea physically connects the coastal states, but do we have a common Baltic Sea identity? How familiar are the young people in Finland with their home sea? And what is the Baltic Sea cusine like? These questions will be discussed during the day.

Check out the Baltic Sea Day program organized by the John Nurminen Foundation here. The program will be mainly in Finnish.

Last minute communications tips

Make use of the Baltic Sea Day material bank, where you will find Baltic Sea Day graphic instructions, logos, social media banners, illustrations, downloadable materials for the Baltic Sea Menu and much more.

Remember to use the hashtags:


and tag us @johnnurmisensaatio (@jnurmisensaatio on Twitter), and also @balticseaday on Instagram, so that we can easily share your content. You can also send your photos to info@jnfoundation.fi, so that we can use them when communicating about the Baltic Sea Day.

We hope that partners would include the attached Baltic Sea Day boilerplate to their news, releases and other texts about the Baltic Sea Day:

The Baltic Sea Day, launched and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August with various rallies and events. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important marine themes, and encourage people to take concrete action for the Baltic Sea. The Day celebrates the versatility and immeasurable value of the Sea. Moreover, the celebration seeks to disseminate information on marine nature, culture, and history. In 2022 the Baltic Sea Day is celebrated on August 25th. www.balticseaday.fi

Good luck with the last minute preparations and we wish you a lovely Baltic Sea Day!

With kind regardss,

John Nurminen Foundation’s communications team


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Photo: Joonas Linkola