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Itämerifest – Baltic Sea Fest

Itämerifest is a free maritime event for the whole family in Helsinki at Pakkahuoneenlaituri, on Baltic Sea Day 29 August 2024 12 am – 7 pm. Get to know the marine research vessel Aranda, its equipment and the research carried out on board. The tents in the pier area give information about Baltic Sea wrecks, the protection of waterways, and environmentally friendly boating and diet, among other things. For children there are fun quizzes with prizes.


The programme:

Research vessel Aranda: Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), FINMARI, Harakka Nature Centre, Finnish Meteorological Institute & Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY)

On the research vessel Aranda, the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea, marine research and, of course, the ship itself are presented. In the workshop, you can learn about wastewater treatment. Children are welcome on the Aranda under the supervision of an adult, but it is not safe to move around the ship with young babies. For safety reasons, we do not accept kindergarten groups or other groups of children at Aranda. Groups are welcome to familiarize themselves with the program of the pier area.

Tent 1: Radio Helsinki

Radio Helsinki broadcasts live from Itämerifest from 1 pm to 4 pm! Come and hear interesting interviews about maritime themes.

Tent 2: John Nurminen Foundation & Baltic Sea Services

Child guests of the Baltic Sea Festival are welcome to play a test in which they guess the different species of the Baltic Sea. As a prize, we give away sea-themed transfer tattoos and stickers. Adults can test their knowledge of the history of the Baltic Sea and hear information about marine research and ways to save the sea. There is also a possibility to buy books, clothes, and campaign products by John Nurminen Foundation. Juha “Roope” Flinkman and Jouni Polkko, the authors of the upcoming book “The Fog of War”, to be published in August, will sign the books and tell about the wrecks resting in the Baltic Sea, the research vessel Aranda and underwater photography.

Tent 3: Ocean Ladies & Sailing Ladies ry

Sailing Ladies ry (Naispurjehtijat) is a Finnish national sailing club of about 500 active women. We organize trainings, seminars and member sailings. At the Baltic Sea Fest event, we talk about environmentally friendly boating and the importance of, e.g., diet on the state of the Baltic Sea.

Tent 4: The Activist Grannies

Welcome to hear what you can do to improve the condition of water bodies and the Baltic Sea near your own cottage beach: there will also be a quiz on the topic. Beaches are interfaces between people and habitats that combine climate protection, nurturing biodiversity and water protection. The goal of the Activist Grannies movement is to secure a livable world for future generations. Grannies emphasize moderation and empathy as the building blocks of a good life.

Tent 5: ELY Centres

At the joint tent of The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) you can explore e.g. the Helmi Habitats Programme and Helmi nature conservation work, the habitat types protected in the Baltic Sea, water and marine management, the state of coastal waters and our current projects. In addition, you can test your knowledge with our archipelago bird quiz!

Tent 6: Finnish Environment Institute Syke & Ministry of Environment

Marine scientists from the Finnish Environment Institute present what is happening to the Baltic Sea right now! You can get to know the themes of this year’s assessment of the state of Finland’s marine environment, both with pictures and short tasks. The Ministry of the Environment will tell you about their work: is it merely gray and dry bureaucracy, or saving the world? You get to hear about the Ministry of the Environment’s marine protection activities as the mermaids and the sons of Poseidon tell about multinational treaty negotiations. The leaders of the Ahti programme tell how the Baltic Sea can be saved if the right actions are taken in the catchment area!

Tent 7: Helsinki Commission – HELCOM
HELCOM has been working for 50 years between the coastal states of the Baltic Sea for a better marine environment. How is the Baltic Sea ecosystem really doing now and why? Come and discuss the results of the latest state of the Baltic Sea assessment. What should be done based on the results? Find out what’s most important in international marine conservation right now and check out the exciting games in development!

Tent 8: Rotary District 1420 – Baltic Sea Forum
The coolest outdoor event of the year is “Rowing for Baltic Herring” (Silakkasoutu) on October 6, 2024. Come and get to know us and register for the event! We will also tell about the Rotary’s cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute. This summer, we participate in blue-green algae monitoring in sea and lake areas. Participating in marine litter research is also another citizen science activity. Three times a year, Rotarians count and classify all the garbage into five, so-called monitoring beaches in different parts of Finland. We will also hold a guessing contest: How long does it take for everyday trash to decompose in the sea? This is guaranteed to amaze you. The Water Backpack (Vesireppu) developed by Syke for environmental education and distributed to schools by rotary clubs inspires school children to do research.

Tent 9: Port of Helsinki

Come to the Port of Helsinki point to hear how environmental issues and the Baltic Sea are taken into account in the commercial shipping port.

Tent 10: Helsinki region environmental services HSY

At the tent of the Helsinki region’s environmental services (HSY), you will learn how to get the right amount of protein from food. You will hear how the food you consume affects both the Baltic Sea and your health. At the tent, you will also get information about stormwater and how it is related to the littering of the Baltic Sea. Fun wooden books are distributed for children. In addition to the tent, we organize a workshop on the research vessel Aranda, where you can practice how to clean wastewater. You can participate in the workshop throughout the event day from 12 am to 7 pm.

Tent 11: City of Vantaa & Water Protection Association of the River Vantaa and Helsinki Region

Welcome to hear how citizens can improve the condition of their nearby water bodies through their own actions. The tent introduces the river Vantaa catchment area and the importance of the river Vantaa for the Baltic Sea. The experts will answer questions about the river Vantaa’s water, nutrient loads, recreational use, fisheries, PFAS compounds or other matters that may concern you. Water Protection Association of the River Vantaa and Helsinki Region promotes water protection and recreational use in its area of ​​operation from Riihimäki to Helsinki and from Espoo to the Sipoo border.

Tent 12: Keep the Archipelago Tidy

At the Keep the Archipelago Tidy (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry) tent, you can test trash pickers. Are you able to put plastic or glass trash in the right bin and guess correctly how long it takes for them to degrade in water? The youngest members of the family will get stickers and tattoos as a reward. You’ll also get good instructions on how to organize Siisti Biitsi beach cleanings, and you can buy Roope products to take home!

Pakkahuoneenlaituri, Eteläranta 7, Helsinki
12:00 - 19:00
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