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John Nurminen Foundation will organize an event celebrating the Baltic Sea Day in Huvilanranta area!

This year the traditional Baltic Sea Day opening ceremony opening  will be held in Huvilanranta, in co-operation with Helsinki Festival. In addition to the opening ceremony, the foundation will organize free, open to all maritime program containing workshops, live music, panel discussions and Baltic Sea-friendly food until the evening.

The Baltic Sea connects people and provides us a mental landscape. We can all influence the state of the sea with our own choices, and although much remains to be done, we have once again taken a few steps forward, and that’s what we want to celebrate on the Baltic Sea Day. This year, the theme of the opening ceremony and other program organized by the John Nurminen Foundation is the Baltic Sea identity. The Baltic Sea physically connects the coastal states, but do we have a common Baltic Sea identity? How familiar are the young people in Finland with their home sea? And what is the Baltic Sea cusine like? These questions will be discussed during the day.

Check out the full program below!

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Photo: Helsinki Festival

The Baltic Sea Day celebratory program in Huvilanranta

9-11: Opening ceremony in Huvila tent and via stream

Opening words by the Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen, greetings from our international partners and the results of a study commissioned by the John Nurminen Foundation and discussions on the Baltic Sea identity. Hosted by Baba Lybeck.

Free breakfast for the first 100 visitors!

11-13: Lunch.. responsibly

Short interviews and discussions about food and responsibility. If you get hungry, enjoy a Baltic Sea-friendly lunch at the Huvilanranta waterfront!

13-16: Live radio and maritime program for the whole family

Radio Helsinki and Laura Friman will be at the spot, broadcasting music and interviews. At the same time, there will be maritime program for children, such as guided workshops, face paintings, music and a Baltic Sea-themed quiz.

16-18: Live music 

The night will be concluded by a performance from VIMMA, described on their agency’s website as follows: “Vimma is a Finnish word for furor and excitement that represents the artists’ passion for imagining utopian worlds and awakening their audiences to bring about change for a more sustainable future. Topical lyrics and spoken word poetry bring extra vitality and excitement to the energetic music.”