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Material bank

You can download content related to the Baltic Sea Day from this page. Here you will find graphic instructions for the Baltic Sea Day, Baltic Sea Day logos, Baltic Sea Day banners suitable for social media and other communication material, illustrations, as well as downloadable materials for the Roach Approach campaign and the Baltic Sea Menu.

The material bank will be updated during May-June, so please visit the site again later if you did not find what you are looking for.

Graphic instructions for the Baltic Sea Day

Baltic Sea Day logos

Baltic Sea Day: English, RGB

Baltic Sea Day: English, CMYK

itämeripäivä_balticseaday_sininenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_balticseaday_valkoinenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_balticseaday_mustaCMYK (pdf)

Baltic Sea Day: Finnish, Swedish and English combined, RGB

Baltic Sea Day: Finnish, Swedish and English combined, CMYK

itämeripäivä_kaikkikielet_sininenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_kaikki_kielet_valkoinenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_kaikkikielet_mustaRGB (pdf)

Baltic Sea Day logo: Swedish, RGB

Baltic Sea Day logo: Swedish, CMYK

itämeripäivä_östersjödagen_sininenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_östersjödagen_valkoinenCMYK (pdf) itämeripäivä_östersjödagen_mustaCMYK (pdf)

Images for communications and marketing

When using images, the name of the photographer or other indicated image source must always be mentioned as the source. If no photographer or image source is specifically mentioned with the image, the source does not need not be reported.

eRoach materials

eRoach logos (RGB)


eRoach logos (CMYK)

eRoach logos CMYK (zip)

Little Roach’s Big Adventure -materials

Baltic Sea Menu Materials

Baltic Sea Day Presentation template

Baltic Sea Day email signatures