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A warm thank you to the makers of the Baltic Sea Day

Dear Baltic Sea Day partner  

Yesterday we celebrated a joyful Baltic Sea Day in 6 countries and over 20 cities. There were over 220 partners involved who organised 135 great events and carried out over 80 actions. This is all thanks to you – we are very grateful for your participation and for keeping the Baltic Sea on the agenda! If you took pictures, we would love to use them in Baltic Sea Day communications and marketing, showing everyone what wonderful events and activities you have organized! You can send pictures to the familiar address info(at)jnfoundation.fi

We are collecting results and will share more detailed information on social media visibility and media coverage later. We are compiling the data into a news article that will be published in the coming weeks on the Baltic Sea Day website. One example of a great thing we did together was Twitter: #itämeripäivä (Baltic Sea Day in Finnish) was Finland’s most tweeted hashtag all day on August 26, 2021. There were over 850 tweets during Thursday and their possible reach was over 1.6 million in total. The #itämeri (Baltic Sea in Finnish) also trended. (Source: https://twitter.com/PinnallaFI) The hashtags #BalticSeaDay #Östersjödagen #Läänemerepäev also got the social media buzzing about our beloved sea.

Next year, the Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated again on the last Thursday in August, 25 August 2022, even more widely, hopefully without the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. Save the date!

As we build next year, we will use this year’s lessons to make the event and its planning go even smoother. So please give us feedback via the form below – it only takes a few minutes to complete. Link to feedback survey.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

the Baltic Sea Day team
Elina Lehtinen, Kirsi Kurki-Miettinen and Oona Piiroinen

#itämeripäivä #östersjödagen #balticseaday