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The Baltic Sea Menu

The easiest way to participate in the Baltic Sea Day is to enjoy a Baltic Sea-friendly meal! On Baltic Sea Day, restaurants and home kitchens invite us to eat the tasty, sustainably fished shoaling fish of the Baltic Sea and other nearby waters, accompanied by fresh in-season vegetables. Catch a picture of your meal and share it on social media using the hashtags #balticseaday and #balticseamenu.

The Baltic Sea Menu reduces the nutrient load of waterways

The Baltic Sea and many of our inland waters suffer from excessive nutrient loads. Putting bream, roach, Baltic herring and perch to good use is a cost-efficient way to combat eutrophication. At the same time, it provides a healthy and environmentally friendly source of protein.

The Baltic Sea Menu in practice

The Baltic Sea Menus favour bream, roach, Baltic herring and perch from the Baltic Sea and its nearby waters. For vegetarian options, main ingredients could be e.g. legumes, broad beans, or peas.

In-season vegetables such as cauliflower, carrot, broccoli and courgette will complement the Baltic Sea Menu in August in a delicious and colourful way. Other great ingredients for a Baltic Sea Menu could be e.g. potatoes, Finnish grains and berries, such as bilberries, red and black currants, and gooseberries.

Restaurants for the Baltic Sea

Food tastes even better when its ingredients are environmentally friendly! Find a restaurant where you would like to participate in the Baltic Sea Day by enjoying a meal from the Baltic Sea Menu.

Restauranteurs can create Baltic Sea-friendly Baltic Sea Menus for their restaurants, and sign up and become one of the Baltic Sea Day partners. On Baltic Sea Day, your restaurant can offer a dish or even an entire menu based on sustainably fished shoaling fish from the Baltic Sea and other sustainable, locally produced ingredients.

Your own Baltic Sea Menu

Become a Baltic Sea Day chef and create a menu that truly matters! The status of the Baltic Sea can be improved by eating sustainably sourced fish, such as bream, roach, Baltic herring, or perch. Fishing removes nutrients from the sea and thus helps combat eutrophication.

Cook a Baltic Sea Menu with your friends, colleagues, or your loved ones, and sign up your Baltic Sea Day activity.

Each meal counts, and each meal can be an inspiration – do share a picture of your Baltic Sea Day Baltic Sea Menu, using the hashtags #balticseaday and #balticseamenu!

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