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Open partner letter for all Baltic Sea Day makers

Baltic Sea Day partners, organisers of events and activities – Thank you!

Onn August 27th, we celebrated the very first Baltic Sea Day, an event that was successful beyond our wildest expectations. For this, our heartfelt and warm thanks go out to you – the day took off beautifully and just soared from then on, all thanks to you! We were joined by more than 150 partners who implemented almost as many inspiring events and activities all around Finland and on the other side of the sea: in Tallinn, the Baltic Sea Day festivities lasted all day, and The Plunge was taken even in Stockholm. Several partners from St. Petersburg joined in as well. Culture and the environment interacted beautifully in the day’s programme, and the sea was celebrated by an extensive variety of stakeholders. The Baltic Sea Menu played a key role, and the number of fish dishes served rose to tens of thousands. The sea was celebrated all the way from Hamina to Siikalatva, with stakeholders even from our inland waters participating in the Baltic Sea Day. Read more on what happened on the Baltic Sea Day from the latest news.

We will collect results and share with you more detailed information on the number of visitors and the media visibility we reached. This tweet expresses very well how beautifully the effort of all parties came together: #itämeripäivä (Baltic Sea Day in Finnish) was the most tweeted hashtag in Finland all day on 27 August 2020. From 8 am to 4 pm, there were 742 tweets and their potential reach was close to 1.5 million accounts. From 4 pm to midnight there were 277 tweets, with a total potential reach of approximately 400,000 accounts. #itämeri (Baltic Sea) was also trending. (Source: https://twitter.com/PinnallaFI).

Next year, the Baltic Sea Day will again be celebrated on the last Thursday in August, on 26.8.2021, with an even more extensive programme – be sure to save the date! When we build the event for next year, we will make good use of everything we learned this time, making the planning of next year’s event as smooth as possible. If you wish, you can send feedback on the event to info(at)jnfoundation.fi.

Best regards and the warmest of thanks,
The John Nurminen Foundation’s Baltic Sea Day team


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