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Summer is here and the first events have already been published on the Baltic Sea Day website!

Baltic Sea Day Partner newsletter 2/2022

Dear Baltic Sea Day partner!

Summer is here and the first events have already been published on the Baltic Sea Day website, thank you for that! This year’s Baltic Sea Day is going to be bigger than ever, and we’re sure there are many great events planned. Once your plans are clear, don’t forget to register your event or activity on the Baltic Sea Day website. If changes need to be made to the event information after publication, please contact us via e-mail at info(a)jnfoundation.fi.

If you are still figuring out how you want to participate, check out the idea list on our website and last year’s events and activities for some inspiration.

Next partner workshop

The next workshop for Baltic Sea Day partners will be organized in Teams on Friday 10 June from 10 to 12 (Eastern European summer time). Both our Finnish and international partners are welcome to join. The first part of the workshop (1 hour max) is dedicated to our international partners and will be held in English. The rest of the workshop will be in Finnish. A more detailed schedule of the workshop will be sent out with the invitaton link.

Register by 15:00 on Thursday, June 9, 2022 through this link

Communicating about the Baltic Sea Day

We will actively market Baltic Sea Day throughout the summer both through paid and orgnic content, highlighting different events and activities announced on the Baltic Sea Day website. In addition, Baltic Sea Day will be seen and heard in shopping malls across Finland. The marketing campaigns will be carried out in cooperation with Sponda and MallVoice.

To make the most out of the days marketing, we encourage you to register your events and actions as soon as possible and to actively communicate about the Baltic Sea Day in your own social media channels, as well. Also make use of the Baltic Sea Day material bank, where you will find Baltic Sea Day graphic instructions, logos, social media banners, illustrations, downloadable materials for the Baltic Sea Menu and much more.

Remember to use the hashtags:


and tag us @johnnurmisensaatio (@jnurmisensaatio on Twitter), so that we can easily share your content.

We hope that partners would include the attached Baltic Sea Day boilerplate to their news, releases and other texts about the Baltic Sea Day:

The Baltic Sea Day, launched and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August with various rallies and events. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important marine themes, and encourage people to take concrete action for the Baltic Sea. The Day celebrates the versatility and immeasurable value of the Sea. Moreover, the celebration seeks to disseminate information on marine nature, culture, and history. In 2022 the Baltic Sea Day is celebrated on August 25th. www.balticseaday.fi

While communicating about the Baltic Sea Day is informal, it must be in line with the values ​​of the Baltic Sea Day. By registering an event, all partners commit to the day’s values ​​that emphasize the community and sustainable development, as well as our common goals and a code of conduct. All participants should respect the Baltic Sea Day community and the other partners of the day, both in communication and during the day itself.

We welcome you to join our colorful and versatile group of creators – there is still time to hop on board!

Wishing you  a sunny week,

John Nurminen Foundation’s communications team


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Photo: Lasse Hendriks