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Big Adventure of the Tiny Roach – an easy way of participating in #roachapproach

Baltic Sea Day’s very own fairytale, Big Adventure of the Tiny Roach, has now been published in both audio and text formats in three languages. It provides an easy way of participating in the Roach Approach campaign for museums, libraries, schools and day care centers, for example.

Little Roach’s Big Adventure is a fairytale, telling the story of Little Roach and their journey from being the most overlooked minnow in the Baltic Sea to being its most celebrated artistic roach, the eRoach. The story will immerse both children and adults into the world of the Baltic Sea, and therefore provides an easy way of organizing Roach Approach events or actions for example for libraries, museums, schools and day care centers.

The fairytale is written by Hannele Hautaniemi and read by Luke Bland. It’s a magical dive into the underwater world where Little Roach finds endless beauty, vibrant colors and mesmerizing dance of the waves – art of the Baltic Sea.

The fairytale is available in both audio and text formats on the Roach Approach page together with other material: a coloring picture and a fill-in comic strip.

Here’s how you can use the fairytale on Baltic Sea Day:

  • Organize a story reading session at your library or museum, or set up a corner where kids can listen to the story themselves while working on the coloring picture or the comic strip.
  • Read out the story or play the audio to kids at a day care center. 
  • Give school kids a refreshing start to the day by playing the story audio at a class or to everyone through the central radio. Afterwards you can fill in the comic strip with the kids and have a conversation about the story’s theme and message.
  • Are you going to offer Baltic Sea Menu dishes at your restaurant? Print the story to families – this way time flies while they are waiting for their food!
  • Listen to the story with kids at home. Then see Roach Approach tips for visiting museums and libraries on Itämeripäivä on the Events page!

Interested in some other way of using the fairytale? Use your imagination or contact info@jnfoundation.fi – we will help you create an idea for a fairytale event or activity.

Remember to announce your event or activity, and share it on social media with hashtags #balticseaday and #roachapproach on Baltic Sea Day!