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Baltic Sea Day preparations pick up speed towards the summer

Baltic Sea Day partner newsletter 2/2021

Dear Baltic Sea Day partner

Every day now we are getting closer to summer and the Baltic Sea Day. The first events and activities have already appeared on the Baltic Sea Day website. Our warmest thanks go out to all the organizers!

We know that you, our partners, still have many great events and activities in the plans. Right now is a great time to announce your Baltic Sea Day activity at the Baltic Sea Day website. This will guarantee the greatest possible visibility for your event or activity before the Baltic Sea Day. At the same time, you can ensure that your organization is listed amongst the ever-growing group of Baltic Sea Day partners. If you have not yet signed up as a Baltic Sea Day partner, or the name and logo of your organisation are not for some reason featured on the website, you can go and sign up here.

If the coronavirus situation or other matters related to event organization cause changes in the description of your event or activity, you can change the text on the website by contacting info@jnfoundation.fi. So even if you have corona-related uncertainties, just go ahead and announce your event or activity on the pages already today!

If you are still considering whether to take part in the Baltic Sea Day, you can go to our lists of tips for organizers and the amazing events and activities of last year for inspiration.

Featuring Baltic Sea Day events and activities in marketing

Baltic Sea Day will be actively marketed all through summer. In our communications, we highlight the activities and events announced on the Baltic Sea Day website by their themes. During the summer, we will share both organic and paid content on social media.

We will prepare the social media content for crunch time, i.e. August, early on in the summer, so it makes sense to go and add your events and activities on the website in good time for them to be included in Baltic Sea Day marketing efforts.

How can partners communicate about the Baltic Sea Day?

We encourage all Baltic Sea partners to communicate about the day, both online and when out and about! Partners can, for example, make a Facebook event of their own Baltic Sea Day activity, and communicate about the Baltic Sea Day in social media or on their web pages. The more we spread the word on the Baltic Sea Day, the more we can highlight the cause and ways to help the Sea. Partners should utilize the Baltic Sea Day material bank, where you can download e.g. Baltic Sea Day logos, various banners for social media, images, and other useful content.

We hope that partners would attach the attached Baltic Sea Day boilerplate to their news, releases and other texts:

The Baltic Sea Day, launched and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August with various rallies and events. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important marine themes, and encourage people to take concrete action for the Baltic Sea. The Day celebrates the versatility and immeasurable value of the Sea. Moreover, the celebration seeks to disseminate information on marine nature, culture, and history. In 2021, the Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated on August 26th. www.balticseaday.fi

Baltic Sea Day partners prepare for the celebrations

The number of Baltic Sea Day partner cities is constantly growing. So far, the Finnish cities of Helsinki, Turku, Hanko, Rauma, Pori and Kokkola have already joined the Baltic Sea Day. We are also in the process of planning various Baltic Sea Day implementations with several other cities.

Many activities have already been signed up for the three Baltic Sea Day flagship campaigns, i.e. the food-themed the Baltic Sea Menu, The Plunge, which focuses on waterways, and the Baltic Sea Moment, where the theme is culture. Pirkanmaan Voimia, for example, is offering Baltic Sea friendly lunches in schools and day care centres in Tampere. In Helsinki, too, we can enjoy food that fits the themes of the Baltic Sea Day, as Service Centre Helsinki serves its customers 4,500 kg of fish caught from the Baltic Sea. In August, the Baltic Sea Menu will also be featured in the recipe tips of various food industry stakeholders. More on this later!

Through its own channels, the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (FSL) will encourage people to take the Plunge on Baltic Sea Day at 6 pm. The city libraries of Espoo and Oulu will participate in Baltic Sea Day with e.g. book and other displays at their libraries. The pop-up bicycle of the Turku City Library provides an opportunity to borrow Baltic Sea-themed materials.

The other countries by the Baltic Sea are also preparing for the celebration. In Estonia, we will see more events along the coastline than in the previous year. In Sweden a Baltic Sea themed concert is being planned and Skansen will host a variety of activities during the Baltic Sea Day, only to name a few examples. More than 20 Russian partners have already signed up. Coming up are e.g. a food festival, a regatta, and cultural events. Also, the city of Klaipėda in Lithuania and the Latvian radio station Yacht Radio will participate in the Baltic Sea Day festivities.

The number of activities and events that celebrate Baltic Sea just keeps on growing. You are warmly welcome to our cheerful and diverse team of organizers – there is plenty of time to join in!

Kind regards,
the Baltic Sea Day team
Kirsi Kurki-Miettinen and Oona Piiroinen

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