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Important information for event organisers

Baltic Sea Day partner newsletter 4/2021

Dear Baltic Sea Day partner,

The moment is drawing near, and we already have a delightful number of events and activities signed up. There is still time for you to register your activity or event, using the online form! We hope you will send the information no later than 20 August so we can publish them in good time before the celebration.

The August sunshine comes mixed with some not so good news. The number or coronavirus cases is growing, and in certain areas, the situation has deteriorated so much that the number of event participants needs to be restricted. The events should be organised according to the safety regulations of the local authorities.

Please remember to also use the corona instructions compiled by us for the public (in Finnish and in Swedish).

The situation is different in different areas around the Baltic Sea, which means that it can be safe to organise an event at a certain location, and unsafe at another. Some of the registered events have a small audience, and some of them can be implemented entirely virtually, or without extra contacts. The Baltic Sea Menu can be cooked in the peace of your own home, you can take the plunge with a friend, and enjoy a Baltic Sea moment listening to sea-themed podcasts, for example.

If, however, it turns out that the event you are organising has to be cancelled, or its contents need to be modified, you can let us know of the changes via email at info(at)jnfoundation.fi. We will update the information on the event’s website as soon as possible.

If your event or activity can be organised safely, we encourage you to be active on social media, and spread the festive spirit of the Baltic Sea Day. Let’s join forces and make the Baltic Sea Day go viral with the hashtags #itämeripäivä #balticseaday and #östersjödagen.

If you are going to take pictures, we would love to use them in Baltic Sea Day communications and marketing, showing everyone what wonderful events and activities you have organized! You can send pictures to the familiar address info(at)jnfoundation.fi or share them in social media.

Best of luck with your last-minute organisation efforts!

The Baltic Sea Day team
Elina Lehtinen, Kirsi Kurki-Miettinen and Oona Piiroinen

#itämeripäivä #östersjödagen #balticseaday